Creative Nature Connection

Creative Nature Connection

A Multidisciplinary Project combining Drama, Dance, and Yoga

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Creative Nature Connection is a co-creation project by Vea Vainio & Elina Perttola combining performative and participatory elements. The pilot version was implemented in July-August 2021 as continuation to Vea’s solo project around the same themes earlier on. The pilot project was funded by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

The collaboration partners of the project were

  • two Day Activity Centres
  • two Day Care units
  • Vihreä Veräjä – Green Care Community of Sininauhaliitto
  • Lapinlahden Lähde – a centre for mental well-being and cultural events

and 16 workshops alltogether was carried out with them.

Aim of the project was to activate and enable creativity and connection with nature amongst the participants. Creativity nurtured nature contact and natural elements inspired creativity – these two dimensions supported each other forming a vivid combination.

In the core of the project was to provide the participants a safer space to be at present in this moment together with a group.  

Multidisciplinary combination of different creative practices made it possible to pursue the aims of the project. The fusion of genres enabled a rich entity.

Drama and Theatre contributed the element of playfulness and the use of imagination, stories, fiction, and role-play. The practices applied were Process Drama, Physical Theatre, and Theatre Improvisation.

Dance and Movement contributed the element of embodiment and the use of various physical creativity exercises. The practices applied were Modern Dance and Dance & Movement Improvisation.

Yoga contributed a meditative element and the focusing on the moment, concentration and the use of breathing exercises. The practices applied were Purna Yoga, Applied Yoga (Erkkajooga), and Yoga for Children & Youth.

A holistic approach towards creative expression was the base of the project. The characteristics of different genres are intertwined and overlap, not completely separate or only in one form. Exercises and practices from each area inspired also to create tailored ones combining several features from different approaches.

A tailored workshop was provided for each participant group.

Participants with Different Abilities: Sensory Journey -a journey like process through sensorial evoking. Use of scents, colors, materials, sounds, music, pictures, and movement qualities were bound together forming an entity, which enabled versatile participation according to individual needs.

Children and Families: Playful Story – a drama process implemented in nature as a path including several kinds of steps and tasks bound together by a story about a squirrel and an old forest under a threat. The elements of adventure and fictional play, deepened through role exercises formed an engaging story for younger and older children.

Social Field Professionals: Work Wellbeing – a creative movement path through forest and seaside scenery. Holistic approach towards the body and imagination supported a both nurturing moment in the nature and a restorative self-expression experience. Levels from healthy movement to artistic expression were included. Participants were provided new kinds of tools and views for both their work and work wellbeing as well as the Green Care approach.

Open Workshop for Adults: Bodily Self-Inquiry – an individual and collective creative path through an old park with possibility to engage very physically with the natural elements at present. Holistic approach containing restorative movement, meditation, creative expression, and artistic genres. Possibility to pause with oneself to reflect and wonder as well as explore the connection with the group and the collective creativity.

Vea and Elina, the implementers of the Creative Nature Connection Project, utilize their versatile competence in all of their work in the multidisciplinary field of cultural wellbeing.

Vea is a Dance Artist, Dance Facilitator, Yoga Theacher, and Occupational Therapist based in Helsinki. Find out more about Vea:

Elina is a Master of Cultural Wellbeing and Social Services, Theatre Clown, Drama Instructor, and Drama Educator based in Helsinki. Find out more about Elina:

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