The Inner Clown – Clowning as a Resource

– workshop for getting to know the clown within

This was a great workshop, you are amazing!

You created an atmosphere, which none of my previous clown teachers have been able to create: safe, free, playful, creative.

After the workshop I realised I was full of energy and self- confidence! I warmly recommend this!

Photo: Antti Laitinen

Would you like to be more spontaneous? Would you like to enrich your self-expression? Would you like to lighten up a bit? What would your life be like if you allowed more and judged less? Could you let yourself be funny, goofy, crazy, silly, hilarious, wild, charming? What if the thing you’re trying to hide is after all your greatest treasure? Are you curious to know the clown living inside of you?

The Inner Clown Workshop is a safer space and an allowing learning enviroment, in which we look into the basic elements of clowning:

  • being present in the moment
  • contact with ourselves and others
  • sharing our humanity
  • spontaneous expression
  • playfulness and curiosity
  • freedom from the norms

The workshop is for anyone, who wants to find a contact with their inner clown. Previous experience or performing skills are not required -the inner clown of the participants is called out with gentleness and great curiosity. The workshop is not about learning actual clown technique or professional clowning but works as an introduction towards them as well.

It is possible to customize the workshop to meet the needs and the context of the participants. The workshop can be adapted into a recreation day of a work community, grouping method, performance coaching or a experiental present for someone.

Read more about the experiences of the participants of the previous workshops on the bottom of this page!

Photo: Antti Laitinen

Methods of the workshop are based on theatre clowning, physical theatre, theatre and movement improvisation and different kinds of performance exercises. The workshop is not about doing well or correctly -we approach all the exercises with curiosity and exploring attitude.

Participants work solo, in pairs, in small groups and as one group during the workshop. Some of the exercises are done simultaneously, so that no one is watching and some are done so that others are watching and others are actively doing. In some exercises the instructor supports the participants expression by observations and questions.

The participants are encouraged to look upon their characteristics like treasures or candies -what richnesses and delicacies we carry within ourselves! Those characteristics we often hide or even are ashamed of, can after all be the most potential material of our clown.

Photo: Antti Laitinen

The purpose of the Inner Clown Workshop is

  • strengthen the courage of the participants to try out and explore
  • activate the creativity of the participants
  • offer the participants plenty of opportunities to express themselves without judging their expression
  • support the participants to find resources to their everyday life from clowning
  • inspire the participants to discover new aspects of themselves
  • practice the perfomance skills of the participants
  • enable a liberating and refreshing experience
  • strengthen the mutual connection and trust within a group or a community
  • offer plenty of fun and laughter!

In the core of the Inner Clown Workshop is being present, allowing one’s own expression, embracing confusion, exploring attitude, playfulness and freedom.

The duration of the workshop: 4-6 hours; can be shorter or longer, for example 2 hours intensive or one whole day or even a weekend course in which the different parts of the workshop can be deepened more.


  • Open 4-6 hours workshop 95€ (includes VAT 24%) / participant. The payment through an invoice via e-mail.
  • Groups and communities closed 2-3 hours / 4-7 hours workshop. Offers and questions

The COVID-19 safety policy: As the instructor and facilitator I am fully vaccinated. The current recommendations concerning for example face masks, safety distance, the amount of the participants, the size and airing of the space and hand hygiene will be taken into account. You cannot attend the workshop if you have any symptoms or if you have been exposed to COVID-19!

Photo: Antti Laitinen

In the autumn 2021 Im facilitating workshops to different kinds of groups and communities with the funding from Arts Promotion Centre Finland. 

The experiences of the participants:

You have an amazing ability to ask just the right questions and direct the participant towards the right direction -you really have found your field!

Elina’s workshop was exhilarating and encouraging. I rarely have the courage to step to front of an audience, but in this workshop I could do it in a safe enviroment and exploring my own boundaries.

Elina facilitates the clown workshops with clarity, relaxed professionality and encouraging touch. Her ability to read situations and people creates trust and supports the participants to bring out the best in themselves. As a participant I laughed with tears in my eyes!

This was brilliant, b r i l l i a n t !

It was really fun and easy to join and now I have a pleasant feeling of laughter in my stomach.

I’m so happy I could find my own clown again!

I did something I have never done before.

My favourite moment was, when we all were playing together ”the magic wand factory” and I felt such joy and potential!

Kuva: Antti Laitinen
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